Friday, June 30, 2006

Fountain Square Party Planner

Game shows, a scavenger hunt and a chess match played on a giant board with people serving as chess pieces are just some of the unconventional ideas the new Fountain Square event manager is toying with to so visitors “have a great time and connect with people they wouldn’t connect with otherwise.”

That person is Suzanne Schindler, who served as Bill Donabedian’s "right hand woman" for the MidPoint Music Festival since February.

Donabedian conducted the interview and offered her the position on Tuesday. The 34-year-old Schindler says her head is “still spinning” but she’s excited about her new role.

“I’ve never been as fired up about a job in my entire life,” she says. “I really believe in cities, and I think Cincinnati is about to take off.”

In addition to usual family activities, Schindler wants to bring the unexpected to the new square.

“There is going to be some conventional stuff but also things people aren’t expecting,” she says.

Fountain Square is undergoing a $42.6 million facelift that includes refurbishing the garage beneath it, moving the fountain away from Fifth Street, adding a new restaurant and placing two stages on either side of a large open space that will be filled with a large skating rink during the winter.

If the new and improved square is going to live up to it’s billing as the place to be in downtown Cincinnati and draw people back to the city, the events are going to be a critical factor. We’re looking forward to having them live up to all the hype.

— Margo Pierce


  • With their revolutionary new logo, nothing but good things can happen!

    By Blogger The Dean of Cincinnati, at 3:34 PM  

  • If a person had not been warned of the destruction of Fountain Square, he or she might have assumed Osama was hard at work in the heart of Sinincincinnati.

    How can we be so complacent about the absolute destruction that must precede a new direction while being prickly about doing totally without police or ending the War on Drugs?

    Whatever that means.

    My point is that establishment thinking often needs not just demolition, but demolition plus digging deep below demolition.

    Ponder this: Has establishment thinking 'round here ever taken a wrong turn? (Let me count the ways.)

    I mean the above peacefully and consensually.

    By Anonymous David Gallaher, at 8:51 PM  

  • Look up the word, David. Antidisestablishmentarianism is the opposition to the belief that there should no longer be an official church in a country. It has nothing to do with what you're discussing.

    Big words do not a genius make.

    By Anonymous JoeRo, at 12:47 PM  

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